Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

i took the boys to my dads work for a halloween party yesterday and they had fun. then in the evening my BIL and niece came over and we all took the kids trick or treating, we were all kinda bummed that not many houses had their lights on, and i was downright annoyed that our crazy neighboor was sitting outside, with his light on, and had no candy, he had the nerve to give the kids apples! yeah like thats what they wanted. not to mention fruit isnt a safe thing to accept as a treat b/c who knows what's been done to it. and while i dont think hes a dangerous man, i do think hes nuts. he has his high school alma mater flag ABOVE his American flag on his flagpole, which is just wrong. 

anyway, here are some pictures

Connor and my niece


all in all it was an ok night, not alot of houses had their lights on and the kids got tired of walking past 10 houses just to get to 1 with candy,  which left me strapping both boys in the single stroller and putting my niece on my back (she almost 7 and about 50# so it wasnt easy) and walking probably about a mile home like that, so yeah i was tired. but hey, such is the life of a mom, at least they got a lot of candy for me to steal!

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