Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baked pork chops and potato hash

Tonight's dinner

Baked pork chops on top of fresh green beans (Italian dressing on all)

Fried potato hash - parboiled diced potatos and cooked them up in some butter with S&P, tonys, garlic/onion powder.

30 minute rolls - I didn't have enough yeast (and it was 2 years expired :o ) so these turned out like 30 minute bricks, but I do plan on trying again once I buy new yeast.

Shawn thought it was delicious. Connor still doesn't like potatos but thought everything else was great. Collin ate all his pork, loved the potatos but said he was full and hated the green beans. I also hated the green beans, I just like mine from the can. Nobody ate the rolls.  

Stuffed Chicken

Dinner Tuesday 7/23/13

Bacon wrapped chicken breast - butterflied and stuff with jalapeƱo strips and chive &onion cream cheese.

Roasted cauliflower - EVOO, S&P, tonys, lemon juice and parmesan cheese.
Roasted potato slices- coated in Italian dressing and parmesan cheese.
After over 3 years of not blogging I'm gonna give it another try. I'm going to attempt to blog my dinners so that I'll know what I've already cooked and have all my dinner ideas in one place.