Friday, January 2, 2009

Project 365 - Day 2

This picture may not seem like much of a picture, but to me its just shows the fun that will come next Christmas when it's time to decorate. You see, I'm one of those people that would have the house on the tacky lights tour at Christmas. I LOVE Christmas lights. And lots of them. And I think I proved it this year when it came to buying them. I bought alot, and not a small alot, but a big alot. In fact, I'm not sure the picture does it justice (partly because thats only the ones I bought after christmas). So I'll give you a run down on the numbers. Before Christmas i went to walmart to buy some lights and picked up about 10 boxes at like $2.44 a box. Then a few days after Christmas I went back to see what they had on clearance, and bought 12 more boxes at $1.25 a box. A day or so after that I went to target to find that their Christmas stuff was already 75% off so I decided that I would buy 24 boxes there (at .60 a box) and return the dozen I got at half off back to walmart. Well today I found out that walmart doesnt do returns on seasonal items so I couldnt return them. Truth be told I really wasnt upset because it just means I have even more lights for next year. So grand total of lights bought this year, 46 boxes (of 100ct) and I spent about $55. Next year I'll have the brightest house on the block, and the highest entergy bill to go with it!

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Megan La Rue said...

WEll at least it will be pretty!!! :)

I'm like you I love christmas lights!!! I can't wait until next year when we have the house and we can actually put some up...