Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Collin!

i can't believe my baby turned one yesterday. we had a nice party and then watched the LSU game. i was pretty bummed that we lost, espically after we blocked that field goal at the end, i really thought when that happened that we had it but oh well. just not our year this year. anyway, here are a few pictures from the party and yes, i did make all the cakes.
Collin's football cake

the LSU cake that i made. i did NOT have cake pans for those letters, i had to cut rectangle cakes into the letters

enjoying his cake

spitting at LSU's QB who played like crap

tired after a long day of partying


cvdsd said...

ack! too cute! :)

curdiemer said...

What a great job on those letters!

Donna said...

I popped over from Cake Wrecks to see your cakes :)

Cute kid!, and Great job on the LSU and the little football!

Megan La Rue said...

Those cakes are so cute!!!


He is such a cutie!