Monday, December 15, 2008

Sneaux Day

So I've been slacking on blogging and I'm even behind on posting about this but Thursday it snowed here, in Baton Rouge, which is crazy. I actually woke the boys up so they could play in it and I NEVER wake up sleeping kids. They loved it. Onto the pictures.

Brothers in the Snow.

Collin's first time seeing snow.

Collin trying not to fall face first in the snow.

Look at all that beautiful snow.

Mommy and Connor (yes I look like crap, it was early).

Collin and Mommy.

The classic "footprint in the snow" picture. I swear everybody in Baton Rouge took a picture like this.

Just a pretty picture.

Connor sleeping after.

Collin sleeping after.

It was beautiful and so much fun to watch the boys play in it. The power went out for about 3 hours though and brought back memories of Hurricane Gustav and it was just weird. In like 4 months we had a terrible hurricane and a "winter storm" and trees fell both times blocking our street.

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